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Thursday, June 30, 2011, 7:33 PM
OH HEY :D Shifted to sheer-delights.blogspot.com , do relink me okay, thanks and sorry for inconvenience T____T
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Monday, June 27, 2011, 6:47 PM

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HI ~ School started today :( Couldn't sleep last night, slept at 2am after tossing and turning 423423992384 times :/ Woke up at 6am, so had only 4 hours of sleep and all my friends are like "ahh so sian x______x" And I was too tired to walk properly after assembly LOL so I was like dragging my feet ._. And my class timetable changed :O So troublesome, teacher won't print a copy for us because its "wasting paper" .. Sighh. So I just took a picture of the new timetable which was pinned up on the noticeboard.
Went to Eastpoint Mall today with Hazel :D Bought sushi for parents for umisushi (: I'm so filial hahahah kk just kidding :X And this small bottle of carrot juice for Mum (: Went home and Hazel came to my house to have her lunch(which she bought from umisushi) and we did Maths homework together (: Not much homework. Half-slept in Art class, teacher just briefed our class on what we are going to do for this Term 3 and what we need to prepare and also returned our artworks.
Oh yeah, watched the 23rd Lion City Cup football match between Singapore's U16 and Flamengo. Singapore lost but it's okay ;3 And one of the guys in Singapore's U16 team is in my secondary school currently omgomg. 
Uhh that's it I guess ? (: Heheh, oh and Happy Birthday Sohee ! My favourite in Wonder Girls :3 She's quite prettyyy you know ~ :3 This is quite a long post compared to the other noob ones :X


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